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At Parkside Counseling Center, we do not discriminate and all committed Couples who are looking to strengthen their bond and grow together are welcome! We look forward to helping you grow in your relationship and specialize in:

Happy Couple

• Premarital Counseling

• Affair Recovery and Infidelity

• Divorce Recovery

• Recovering from loss/bereavement

• Work/Family balance

• Sexual Intimacy Concerns

• Infertility

• Life Transitions

• Postpartum Depression

• Anger and Conflict Resolution

• Financial Stress impacting the relationship

• Navigating Cross-Cultural or Religious Differences

• Substance Abuse and the impact on Family and Couple relationships

• Repairing your relationship, reconnecting and learning to begin again

• Parenting: How to come together when your ideas are so different

• Family of Origin Issues, In-law Conflict, Learning to love your blended family

• Learning to strengthen your relationship with a medically ill partner

• Overcoming past trauma, understanding the impact as a Couple, learning to start over

• Better communication, and freedom to express your feelings in a neutral environment

Couple in Woods
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